Friday, October 9, 2015

PRESS RELEASE for forthcoming Solo Exhibition

CONSTRUCTED PHOTOGRAPHS – solo exhibition by Dave Green
Sock Gallery, Loughborough Town Hall
29th October to 5th December 2015
Monday-Saturday from 9am-5pm

Wreck of MS Johanna interior
Loughborough born and bred, Dave Green, went on to study Photography in Wales, taught the subject in Northampton, and now lives the life of an artist in North Devon. He has a major exhibition of his work at the Sock Gallery in Loughborough from 28th Oct to the 6th Dec, and although he has exhibited his images in many parts of this country and America this is his first show ever in his home town. Dave's current photographic work is themed on Sea Caves, Shipwrecks and the Rocky Shore. This show titled 'Constructed Photographs’ is a retrospective of his work from the last 20 years demonstrating the development of his technique from last century's 35mm film triptychs to his present day stitching of multiple digital files.

All of the images in this exhibition are constructed from two or more photographs. In the 1990’s Dave was drawn towards panoramas which he achieved by shooting consecutive photographic frames and printing them from a huge colour enlarger in totally blacked out darkroom. With the birth of a new century he embraced the new photographic technology of digital, still in it’s infancy, and set out to make photographs that he could not have realised with film. Stitching and seamless blending of pictures has been his trademark, but unlike many of the manipulated fantasy images seen today, Dave’s is a search for reality, and strives to construct his images truthfully to his memory of place.

Key Hole Cave, Hartland
This image 'Key Hole Cave, Hartland' is an example of his current digital work and is constructed from more than 100 separate photographs, of different exposure, angle of view and framing, all from a fixed point to give the detail from the deepest blacks to the brightest highlights in this extremely high contrast scene.

Dave Green 2015

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