Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Impossible Picture

The problem with demonstrating an interest in historic buildings and good PhotoShop skills, as I did in a recent exhibition at St Annes Chapel in Barnstaple, is that interest in the work is stirred up and low and behold a commission comes along. A residents and friends group of concerned Barumites have got together to raise money in order to save the facade of the Penrose Almshouses in Litchdon Street, Barnstaple which dates back to 1627. The timber supports which sit on the granite columns are rotting and the ornate cast iron guttering has already been removed as it was in danger of falling. This grade 1 listed building needs preserving and the group needed a picture; specifically of the front elevation straight on. In almost 400 years this image has never existed as the extremely narrow street has never enabled anyone to stand far enough away to see the whole building all at one except from one end or the other.
Unknown artist photo credit:
Museum of Barnstaple and North Devon
I came into the project with full support to help them raise their funds but with mixed feelings about making something look as it can never be seen. My gut feeling was to combine a series of photographs together from a fixed point to give the impression of what you would see as you turned your head through 120degrees. This is a far more truthful account of reality but only if you know the building; to anyone else the building appears very high in the middle and low at the two ends. 

Old Postcard
Combining the layers of single frames into three sections, held within vertical and horizontal guidelines in PhotoShop, I went about raising and lowering, stretching and shrinking, until the image looked somewhat like it might viewed from a distance. Puppet Warp was then used to straighten up many of the lines that had naturally curved through the original stitching process. The final image, the impossible picture, becomes believable but only until you look carefully and realise there are too many lines of perspective.
Original sketch once single frames were stitched together
77 photographs were taken and approximately 50 were stitched together in the construction of the final image. Approximately 1.5 days work.

Photographic Workshops in Devon, Autumn 2014

Introduction to digital photography - £50
A practical days workshop learning to gain control over your camera, shutter speeds, aperture, ISO, flash etc, setting it up for optimum quality under any given lighting, and making better pictures through composition. Numbers limited to a hand-full. I also offer it on a 1:1 basis for ½ a day for £75
Saturday 4th October in Barnstaple (10am - 5pm) Click to reserve a place

Half Day Intro to digital photography - £25
A 'sit around the table' workshop to get to know your camera better. You'll learn about shutter speeds, aperture, ISO, flash and setting your camera up for optimum quality.
Wednesday 8th October in Bideford (1pm-4pm) Click to reserve a place

SmartPhone Photography
- £25
A practical workshop to learn how to use your Smartphone's camera to take professional looking photographs and enhance those images on the go. Suitable for anyone with a SmartPhone. You will need to install a few cheap photo apps in advance which I'll advise on when booking!
Wednesday 29th October, Barnstaple (1pm-4pm) Click to reserve a place

Sea Caves, Shipwrecks and the Rocky Shore (10am - 5pm) - £50

An introduction to Dave Green's own photography. Spend a day with Dave experiencing the secret coast, hidden at the far ends of a sandy beach, full of caves and shipwrecks. Learn how to make the best of your own camera under demanding landscape and lighting.
Friday 10th October starting at Bude (9.30am-4pm) Click to reserve a place
Family Photo Workshop - get to know your camera - £30 per adult (maximum 2 accompanied children free)
A practical workshop to get to know your camera better. You'll learn about shutter speeds, aperture, ISO, flash and setting your camera up for optimum quality. This workshop is 3x hours taught time and 2x hours photographing/lunch/free time
Tuesday 28th October in Bideford (10am-3pm) Click to reserve a place
Thursday 30th October in Barnstaple (10am-3pm) Click to reserve a place

Painting with Light -(Light Graffiti) - £25 per photographer*
Celebrate the start of the dark winter nights. You'll will be provided with coloured light torches, flash lights and a tripod if you don't have one. The workshop will start with a round the table chat and introduction to night photographers and techniques in a quiet local pub. If you have particular images or techniques you’d like to duplicate please bring them along. Most digital cameras are able to make a long exposure nowadays, please email below if you're not sure if your camera is suitable.
*please bring a torch swinging friend at no extra cost!
Thursday 30th October at Westward Ho! (6pm-9pm) Click to reserve a place

Photographing your own Artwork - £50
I have a wealth of knowledge and experience of photographing 2D artwork, jewellery and ceramics and I'm willing to pass this on to artists eager to improve their own image making camera skills. Although this workshop is for a small group (max 5) I also offer it on a 1:1 basis for ½ a day for £75, or I can deliver the workshop in your own home or studio anywhere in Devon for £100
Course Description pdf
Monday 27th October in Bideford (11am - 6pm) Click to reserve a place

Introduction to Photoshop (11am–6pm) - £75 with lunch, tea and coffee provided!
Opening an image file and adjusting levels, contrast, brightness and colour balance. Rotating, resizing and cropping an image. Placing an image or images into a new file. Using layers and history. Participants will need to be computer literate i.e. use a computer on regular basis and understand the basic controls. Small group (max 4). I also offer it on a 1:1 basis in your own home or studio anywhere in Devon for £175
Friday 31st October in Bideford (11am-6pm) Click to reserve a place

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