Sunday, July 15, 2012

Installation Comments

Here are a few of your wonderful comments for the installation
'a Postcard from Manteo' by Dave and Sadie Green

"What a wonderful multi-sensual trip back to Carolina! thank you!"
"A Wonderful record - much enjoyed"
"Great! Hands across the ocean."
"Totally absorbing and transporting, thanks for the pop-corn."
"Wonderful creative exhibition - Dave is a real artist...Sadie is a great photographer!"
"Beautiful space, really interesting and informative, lovely hosts and beautiful things to see!"
"An amazing adventure. Not an art studio nor a gallery. A real life trip into another world."
"Fantastic idea, tantilising all the senses - love the stairs, the food, music and the tour guides are second to none!"
"Wow - so many beautiful pictures, a real taste of the Outer Banks - so many memories!"

"Lovely space and v. interesting to hear about Manteo too." 
"Great Stairs!"
Our Opening Reception - photograph copyright Graham Hobbs

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