Monday, April 30, 2012

Land of Opportunity

I've now left North Carolina, where nothing can be finer and arrived home in North Devon, which is closer to Heaven.
Photograph of the ship-like structure that is the Graveyard of the Atlantic Museum. This fabulous image is their Facebook cover photo. I was too excited to take any pictures!
Manteo, Roanoke Island and the Outer Banks are wonderful places populated by lovely people who were very welcoming and generous throughout our stay there. The land of opportunity has presented me with a bigger travelling exhibition next summer which will start at the Graveyard of the Atlantic Museum on Hatteras Island then move on the Maritime Museums at Beaufort and Southport. This touring show will have much new work, that I shall be working on throughout this year, based on shipwrecks.

Local Opportunities: Summer Photography Workshops

Introduction to digital photography 10am - 5pm - £50
A practical days workshop learning to gain control over your camera, shutter speeds, aperture, ISO, flash etc, setting it up for optimum quality under any given lighting, and making better pictures through composition. Numbers limited to a hand-full.
Thursday 10th May in Barnstaple
Saturday 19th May in Bideford
Thursday 31st May in South Molton
Thursday 7th June in Appledore (during the Arts Festival)

Half Day Intro to digital photography - £25
A 'sit around the table' workshop to get to know your camera better. You'll learn about shutter speeds, aperture, ISO, flash and setting your camera up for optimum quality.
Thursday 24th May in Barnstaple 3.00pm - 5.30pm
Monday 18th June in Bideford 1.30pm - 4.00pm

Photographing your own Artwork 11am - 6pm - £50
I have a wealth of knowledge and experience of photographing 2D artwork, jewellery and ceramics and I'm willing to pass this on to artists eager to improve their own image making camera skills. Although this workshop is for a small group (max 5) I also offer it on a 1:1 basis for £75 a day.
Tuesday 29th May in Bideford
Saturday 23rd June in Bideford

Introduction to Photoshop 11am – 6pm - £50
Opening an image file and adjusting levels, contrast, brightness and colour balance. Rotating, resizing and cropping an image. Placing an image or images into a new file. Using layers and history. Participants will need to be computer literate i.e. use a computer on regular basis and understand the basic controls. Small group (max 4).
Sunday 27th May in Bideford
Intermediate Photoshop 10am – 5pm - £50
Using tools, masks and filters to manipulate your image. Tools used in this session are: marquee, move, lasso, magic wand, eraser, paint bucket, eyedropper, hand and zoom. Making a contact sheet and using batch production. Adding type to your image. Participants will need to be computer literate i.e. use a computer on regular basis and understand the basic controls. Small group (max 4).

TBA June/July in Bideford - enquiries welcome

Workshops and dates can also be found at this link -
Workshop vouchers are also available so you can buy one for a friend or family member who is keen on photography and would enjoy learning with me!
contact 01237 477789 or email 

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